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In April, 2005, master luthier Jay Duncan and his team founded The DuncanAfrica Society. Their vision was to fight poverty in Africa while bringing outstanding instruments into the world.  Jay states, “We began to pursue our vision by teaching a small group of students in Africa how to create guitars that are beautiful in both sound and appearance. ” Hungry and grateful for opportunity, the students did indeed flourish, quickly learning from Mr. Duncan’s expertise, which had been cultivated from a lifetime of building guitars.

By 2007, the vision had grown and expansion was required. From this, the Suubi Trade School was founded in an impoverished village in Uganda, East Africa. The school has been a blessing to the youth in the village, providing jobs, education and futures to people who otherwise had no way to escape the grips of poverty and destitution. At the Suubi Trade School the students learn math, English, and computer skills, while creating a manufacturing facility, thus changing the lives of those around them.

Soon, guitar sales had increased so that the workers had jobs, which brought them sustainable income, joy, pride and the hope of a bright future. In 2013 student Simon Adyaka was promoted to shop manager and still holds that position today.

Now the vision has become a reality. The DuncanAfrica luthiers are building exquisite guitars that are being sought after by discerning musicians across the globe, encompassing a multitude of genres. Eventually, DuncanAfrica will be owned and operated by the local people of Uganda and the Canadian headquarters will serve solely as a global distribution center.


​I'm excited to report that production is well underway of my new custom made DKM acoustic guitar!   Master Lutheir, Dean Moore and I, have designed a guitar that will not only be a beautiful masterpiece, but will enhance my performances to the next level.   Dean has hand selected the finest woods using Master grade Sitka Spruce for the top, East Indian Rosewood for the back and sides, Mahogany for the neck , Ebony Fret Board, bridge and head plate and Curly Maple binding.   The inlay around the perimeter of the guitar, rosette, my name and a cross (in memory of my brother Dakota) will be made of Green Abalone Shell.  

Click on the button to see the work in progress.  

​Duncan Africa Guitars

​Andy McKee checking out my Duncan Africa Guitar!

DKM Guitars

Trace Bundy checking out my DKM!


DKM Guitars are beautifully hand-crafted by Luthier, Dean Moore, of Port Angeles, WA, and are sold exclusively through Joyful Noise Music Center in Sequim, WA.

Joyful Noise owner, John Mangiameli; my music teacher, Dillan Witherow; and musician, Jason Taylor presented me with a DKM guitar as a going away gift when I moved back to Georgia from Washington.  It was the best gift I have ever received and is my guitar-of-choice to use during my live performances.  

Dean Moore hand-crafted a custom guitar for me, check it out below.