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Quinn Leach ~ Musician

“It’s hard to believe Quinn is only 15 years old! I’m blown away by the fact he has learned some of my more difficult songs, and has written some beautiful original songs of his own! I’m looking forward to watching his talents progress as he continues to follow his passion.”​   ~ Trace Bundy

"Music is food for the soul"


Tragically, Dakota passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in 2011, at the age of 15, from a massive stroke.  Even though he is no longer with us, his legacy and love of music lives on.  Through the loss of my brother, I've learned  what it means to live!  

My brother, Dakota William Leach 

June 27, 1996 - Sept. 25, 2011

My brother Dakota and his passion for music, namely the DRUMS, inspired me!


I remember watching my brother Dakota lose himself when he was behind his drums.  Drumming was his passion, it gave him the confidence that he lacked being "the middle child" of four boys.  It was where he could go and "take out his frustrations"!  Little did he, or any of us know, just how life-changing his passion would turn out to be.  It made him, and all of us, better people!


For the past few years I've really perfected my technique of playing the guitar and am extremely comfortable playing in front of an audience.  I perform on a regular basis at a couple of  local restaurant establishments as well as local talent shows and weddings.


Performing, composing, arranging, recording, producing.       

My name is Quinn Leach and I can say humbly and without ego that I'm not your average musician. I started my musical training at the age of 11 under the unique talents of Dillan Witherow in Sequim, Washington.


Even though I didn't know much about playing the guitar, I did realize that my interest was learning the acoustic guitar over the electric guitar.  When Dillan asked me what song I wanted to learn first I told him "Pachabelles Canon".  I wasn't familiar at all with that song, but my dad said that I should learn that one, so I googled it and found Trace Bundy's version.  That was the first song I learned on guitar.

I would say that I'm not your typical guitar strummer.  I really love tapping and hammering on the fret.  Trace Bundy, Andy McKee, Preston Reed, Tommy Emmanuel, Michael Hedges, Jon Gomm and Don Ross are some of my favorite artists.

"Quinn's got a God-given talent, and he should be on stage in front of a huge audience!" ~ General Public


"Quinn is the most requested musician we have"! ~ Christy Lee's Courtyard Grille, Blue Ridge, GA

My Inspiration

"Where words fail, music speaks"

About Me

...and on T.V.


During the summer of 2014, while I was performing downtown Blue Ridge, there was a film crew filming a PBS special on railroads of North America.  They heard me playing my music and decided to incorporate me into their special.  How cool is that?

In the news.....


In 2014 I was honored to be featured in a local newspaper Fannin Focus.